Upper Elementary Policy Handbook

We welcome all our parents and students to the Bais Yaakov Upper Elementary Division. Elul is here and while we are busy in our communal preparation for the Yemei Hadin, we are also excited for a new school year full of learning, growth in friendships and closeness to Hashem. We welcome the new members of our faculty and wish them much Hatzlacha in their new roles. We also wish to thank the Board, Vaad Hachinuch, maintenance, technology, and secretarial staff, along with many others, who put forth hours and hours of time during the summer to ensure we have a beautiful campus, materials in place, and smiles to greet each Talmida as she arrives at school on September 4th. Please note that this year Parent Orientation for the Upper Elementary Division will be on Thursday Evening, August 30th at the Park Heights Campus. We wish each of you much bracha and nachas from your daughters, and we look forward to building a lasting partnership during these formative years. May you and your families be zocheh to a K’siva VaChasima Tova. Rabbi Yochanon Stein Principal, Upper Elementary Division AUGUST 2018 