Prospective Parent Information

Procedures for Application and Enrollment PRESCHOOL  Please visit our website to obtain all relevant documents for application to Bais Yaakov Preschool, both educational and financial.  Children must be 3 years old before September 1 to enter Pre-Nursery, 4 years old before September 1 to enter Nursery and 5 years old before September 1 to enter Kindergarten. Children who will turn 5 between 9/1-12/31 may elect to be tested to see if they are eligible to skip Nursery. Testing will be scheduled after Purim (not before March 25 th ) in Bais Yaakov. (Students who do not meet the criteria for testing to skip Nursery will not have the opportunity for a re-test.)  After you apply, we will contact you to schedule a tour. Mrs. Miriam Trout, our Preschool Director, or Mrs. Etty Wolf, our Preschool Assistant Director, will greet you, give you a tour of the Preschool and describe the Preschool program to you. There will be a parent interview with Rabbi Yitzchok Sanders, Principal of the Lower Elementary division. During this portion of your visit, you will learn additional information about the school and you will have an opportunity to ask questions that you may still have. This visit is for parents only , and both parents are required to attend. The tour will take up to 75 minutes.  The status of your application will be confirmed in a timely fashion. If prospective parents choose to delay enrollment for a year, the school may elect to invite the parents back.  The criteria for admission is consistent with COMAR, the Code of Maryland Regulations for admission to non- public schools. GRADES 1 – 4  Please contact us at 410-363-3300 ext. 306 to begin the registration process.  Please visit our website to obtain all relevant documents for application to Bais Yaakov, both educational and financial. In addition to our standard application documentation, school records and testing results from the student’s present school, and written permission to contact your daughter’s present school must be provided to Bais Yaakov before we schedule a tour.  The principal of the present school should be notified that the student is being transferred to another school. This communication engenders a sense of candor and integrity which encourages healthy relationships.  After you submit all required documentation, we will be in touch to schedule a parent interview/informational meeting and tour of the school, with either principal Rabbi Yitzchok Sanders or Rabbi Yochanon Stein depending whether your daughter will be enrolled in the Lower or Upper Elementary division.  Girls entering the school between grades 1 and 4 will receive an informal evaluation by our administrative supervisors or a Shemesh staff member. This informal evaluation will take approximately 35-45 minutes. Immediately following that session, we will meet with the parents to share our results and discuss admission to the school. The evaluation can be done while the parents are meeting with the principal or at a later date.  Children entering first grade may be required to take a WIPSI, a standardized psycho educational screening. The cost for the screening will be the responsibility of the parents. SPECIAL NEEDS  Bais Yaakov has extensive tutorial and special education support services. The tutorial services are provided by the school.  Shemesh is an independent special education service working in the schools of the community. Our school pays the cost of over 40% of these services, with the remainder covered by the parents and the organization up to $300 per month.  Bais Yaakov has been recognized nationally as a school that expends special efforts on behalf of children with special needs and physical limitations. Nevertheless, the school obviously does not have the financial resources to meet the special needs of all children in our community. Children who require such services will be reviewed and accepted based on Bais Yaakov’s determination that the child can be serviced appropriately in our school. Enrollment is complete when all financial arrangements are finalized with the business office. BAIS YAAKOV SCHOOL FOR GIRLS Preschool Lower Elementary School Upper Elementary School Park Heights Campus INFORMATION FOR PROSPECTIVE PARENTS AN OVERVIEW OF OUR SCHOOL AND PROCEDURES FOR APPLICATION AND ENROLLMENT