Journal 2017

GROWING TOGETHER BAIS YAAKOV SCHOOL FOR GIRLS CELEBRATING OVER 75 YEARS OF QUALITY EDUCATION Nurturing The Future Of Klal Yisroel… Each child individually NURTURING… From the moment a student steps into Bais Yaakov she feels cared for; her individual needs are our focus. THE FUTURE… The lessons learned in the classroom, in the hallways and by worthy example, help shape her direction in life. OF KLAL YISROEL… Learning from a young age through programs and experiences that she is an integral part of a royal nation, gaining pride in her yiddishkeit and a love for Torah. EACH CHILD INDIVIDUALLY… With great Siyata D'shmaya, Bais Yaakov has created generations of Jewish women who embody dignity, intellect, character and integrity and are committed to passing on our treasured mesorah. PARTNER WITH US TO ENSURE A BRIGHT FUTURE.